Everyone desires and deserves to look good in his or her daily life.

Dr. Parisa Soltani is a double board certified in Anesthesia and Pain Management and also a certified Medical Aesthetics Practitioner who practices both medical aesthetics and pain management at Parsa Wellness Clinic, with the help of her son, Amirparsa Ebrahimi in North Vancouver, Canada.

Her passion for the field of Aesthetic Medicine is mostly because she enjoys helping people to boost their confidence and mood by making them feel more beautiful and satisfied with their appearance and skin health. At Parsa Wellness Clinic we are committed to educating our clients on the benefits of detoxifying their daily skincare routine. In this respect Parsa Wellness Clinic, a physician-led clinic, has become the official supplier of Blue Monarch products across Canada.

Blue Monarch skin care products include only certifiably raw and natural ingredients, packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, and never use synthetic and other harmful ingredients. Due to their natural ingredients and the consistent result received by their clientele, Parsa Wellness is happy to work with Blue Monarch Brand regarding all skin care products they produce.

  “Skin care is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure.” – Karen Grant